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Services | IZOTON


Our services

Ships interior installation

JSC Izoton has many years of experience in ship interior installation

Thin plating services

JSC Izoton provides thin plating services for marine and industrial projects

Insulation services

JSC Izoton provides insulation services for all types of compartments for marine and industrial buildings

Pipe systems insulation and cladding services

JSC Izoton provides various pipe systems insulation and cladding services

Insulating mattresses

JSC Izoton is capable to prefabricate and mount various dimensions and complexity insulating mattresses (pillows) for marine or industrial buildings

Welding works

JSC Izoton offers various steel construction welding works

Ventilation ducts installation and insulation services

JSC Izoton offers spiro and square ventilation ducts installation and insulation services

Company ID: 301741546
VAT code: LT 100004551415
Address: Tilzes str. 60-300, LT-91108 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Bank account: LT417044060006424058
Bank: AB SEB bank
SWIFT code: CBVILT2X, Bank code: 70440