About Company

Joint stock company “IZOTON” was established in 2008. JSC „IZOTON“ provides services of building, renovation and repairing for ships and industrial objects. Company also does ships interior installation, insulation, thin plating and other works that are needed to do.

Joint stock company “IZOTON” is member in association of Lithuania shipbuilders and repairers.

The strategic goal of UAB “Izoton” is to become a reliable and professional steadily growing company, providing services required for the construction, repair, and renovation of ships and industrial facilities in Lithuania and Europe. A company capable of meeting the demands of the most discerning customers, capable of executing various projects at a reasonable price, with quality, safety, and timeliness.

Vision: To achieve and maintain a leadership position and impeccable reputation in Lithuania and international markets by performing construction and/or installation, as well as renovation, of ships, residential, and industrial structures.

Mission: To perform work of exceptional quality that satisfies the customer in terms of both price and quality ratio.


  • Responsibility – adhering to established deadlines and contractual commitments.
  • Quality – the high quality of our services is ensured by our employees, their experience, and successful project implementations serve as the best proof of quality.
  • People – customers, partners, employees.


At the time company is proud of their qualified and experienced in shipbuilding employees, fast growing clients and partners amount. Company is well known in Lithuania and other countries shipyard‘s and repairing companies as a reliable partner. Works quality suits sea standards and ships register requirement‘s.


Tai kartu dirbančių žmonių grupė, kurioje visų asmenų buvimas yra būtinas bendram tikslo įgyvendinimui. Kiekvienas darbuotojas – IZOTON komandos narys, kuris turi galimybes atsiskleisti.


Company ID: 301741546
VAT code: LT 100004551415
Address: Tilzes str. 60-300, LT-91108 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Bank account: LT417044060006424058
Bank: AB SEB bank
SWIFT code: CBVILT2X, Bank code: 70440